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As a co-founder of CloudBlue, I have always been passionate about creating innovative solutions to the challenges faced by individuals with learning difficulties. My inspiration stems from my experience at an International School in Belgium, which prides itself on its commitment to inclusion and integration. This commitment has led me to closely examine the difficulties that individuals that are differently abled face in their daily lives beyond just academics. I have noticed that not only do students with cognitive disabilities face challenges, but their family members are also continuously concerned about their safety and ease of life.

Cognitively differently abled people often struggle with organizing and following through on their daily tasks, communication barriers, language barriers when traveling, quick adaptability, connecting to immediate family members, and being independent by virtue of road maps, among others. Despite the availability of various apps on smartphones that can address some of these issues, there is no single umbrella solution that can provide ease of operation for differently abled people.

To address this problem, we have developed a unique solution in the form of an application called TinyBit. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive platform that can simplify the lives of individuals with learning difficulties and their families. TinyBit offers features such as organizing daily tasks, reminders in a simplistic UI to ensure easy navigation, communication, and safety. Our intent is also to bring the community closer globally.

We believe that our innovation can help individuals with learning difficulties live a more comfortable life, and we are committed to creating a better world for everyone.

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TinyBit App

TinyBit, aims to provide a single umbrella solution for cognitively differently-abled people or even otherwise and their access to technology. The app gives solutions to the challenges of communication barriers, language barriers when traveling, quick adaptability to geographic changes, connecting to immediate family members, and being independent by virtue of road maps.

It’s not just about organizing your day but-it’s about being able to follow through on your tasks and communicate effectively with others. It’s about overcoming these obstacles so that you can truly live the life you want to live.

Tiny Bit


On the app’s home page, you will discover all the essential features. We have crafted the app interface to make exploration enjoyable, ensuring that you can easily access all the crucial functions with a simple tap of your finger. Introduce a mood selector on the homepage, offering a simple and convenient way for your family member to express and share their emotions. With just a few clicks, they can communicate their current mood and receive tailored advice on how to manage and act upon it.

  • Explore all the essential features conveniently on the app’s home page.
  • Enjoyable interface design for seamless exploration and navigation.
  • Easy access to crucial functions with a simple tap of your finger.
  • Quick and convenient communication of current mood.
  • Receive personalized advice on managing and acting upon emotions.
Tiny Bit

To-Do List

Introducing our shared to-do list feature, designed to ensure that your family members never miss any tasks. With TinyBit’s to-do lists, you never have to worry about forgetting a task again, as you can access all your tasks anywhere and anytime. Stay organized and on top of your to-do list with ease.

  • Tasks centered around work priorities, personal projects, or a combination.
  • Set deadlines for list items.
  • The perfect tool to keep all list items organized.
  • Manage all your tasks, Projects, and Priorities.
  • Tasks organized from most to least important.
Tiny Bit


With this feature, Schools, Guardians, or any Users can better schedule tasks for home, work projects, and appointments. With our incredible team calendar, you can easily track your child’s activities, meetings, and assignments. This valuable data can guarantee a planning process that is stress-free and well-organized.

  • Empowers schools, students, Guardians or any Users to create events.
  • Sends timely event reminders and notifications.
  • Displays daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly options for events.
  • Tracks time with a global clock.
  • Allows multiple users to access.
  • Streamlines the process of setting appointments.
Tiny Bit


TinyBit presents a one-of-a-kind, user-friendly alarm clock. Whether you prefer a gentle wake-up or a vibrant one, you can depend on this alarm clock. It allows you to set multiple reminders, ensuring that your family member/User never misses anything important. It can remind you to stay hydrated, take medication on time, stay on track with your daily routine, and more.

  • Features a unique and simplistic alarm clock design.
  • Provides customizable wake-up options, ranging from gentle to vibrant.
  • Helps users stay on track and avoid missing important tasks.
  • Offers a repeat functionality for recurring reminders.
  • Enhances productivity and punctuality in daily routines.
Tiny Bit


Ensure the safety of your family member/User in varying weather conditions with our app’s features that forecast weather, temperature, humidity, and feels like temperature. It provides recommendations on appropriate clothing to wear, activities to engage in, and precautions to take. Safeguard your family member’s/User’s well-being by staying informed about weather conditions and taking necessary precautions.

  • Detailed weather forecast with temperature, humidity and cold weather conditions.
  • Clothing suggestions for your family member’s/User’s safety and comfort.
  • Clean and intuitive user interface.
  • Essential tips to ensure your family member’s/User’s well-being in different weather conditions.
  • Stay informed and protect your family member/User from potential weather-related risks.
Tiny Bit


TinyBit translation apps offer an efficient solution to overcome language barriers and enable seamless communication among individuals speaking different languages. Whether it’s exchanging simple messages or embarking on a trip, utilizing TinyBit translation provides numerous benefits for effective communication.

  • Text-to-speech functionality for convenient communication.
  • Supports a wide range of languages for extensive language coverage.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Ability to select and save favorite languages for quick access.
Tiny Bit


Stay updated on your family member’s/User’s location with our secure location tracking feature, ensuring their safety at all times. Only accessible to Guardians, this data provides peace of mind and allows you to keep a watchful eye on your family member’s/User’s well-being.

  • Secure location tracking feature for Guardians to stay updated on their family member’s/User’s whereabouts.
  • Data access is limited to Guardians for privacy and security.
  • Enables Guardians to keep a watchful eye on their family member’s/User’s well-being.
  • Offers real-time location updates for effective monitoring.

Tinybit App Features

Advisory team & mentor

Tiny Bit

Nitin Dhawan

(Co-Founder TinyBit)

Nitin, founder of PlanB First Ltd, Technocrat Communications, BSS Africa and CloudBlue, has over 25 years of professional experience in IT industry with business interests spread across EMEA region in Media, Satellite Communications, OTT & Internet Backhauling and since recent past into Integration of differently abled people in society.
Being passionate about building businesses and known for his motivational traits, he has stood behind TinyBit from the time of its inception and funding the project.
He is a strong believer of Inclusion and Integration of differently abled people in the society.

Tiny Bit

Krishna Puranik

(CTO, Co-Founder TinyBit)

Krishna Puranik is a strategic Tech Consultant & Digital Marketing Consultant for over 60 fast-growing companies in need of scalable web and apps. He primarily works with technology companies, Startups, and Entrepreneurs who develop products in the tech sectors. Since 1998, he has delivered successful services for many enterprises. Today he runs a fully grown digital agency with members and collaborators working together from all over the world to provide a valuable global perspective on our work. He delivered over 40 workshops and 20 talks at top companies and colleges as well as online events on Business Development, Business Growth and Marketing Automation.

Tiny Bit

C. Alan Andrew

Alan brings over 27 years of experience and has a BA in psychology, MEd in special education, and an EdS in school (educational) psychology. He holds USA licensure as both a special education teacher and school psychologist, as well as registration as an educational psychologist in the UK with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). He is passionate about supporting opportunities for those with special educational needs to be included and engaged in society.

Tiny Bit

Kristen Pelletier

Kristen Pelletier is an educational consultant, coach, and leader of professional learning. She is driven by a mission to support international schools around the world along their journeys toward inclusive cultures of practice that embrace neurodiversity. She is a founding member of the Next Frontier Inclusion and serves on their Design Team Kristen holds a B.S. in Special Education & M.A. in K-12 Educational Administration and brings 32 years of experience teaching, leading and consulting. Her career experiences include teaching in a range of support programs in public schools and working in residential adult development programs in Maine before moving internationally where she served over the course of 20 years, initially as a teacher and most recently as the Director of Support Services at the International School of Brussels.

Tiny Bit

Renato Marques

Renato is currently the College Principal at Phoenix College – London and has worked in education settings for the last 24 years, with experience in primary, secondary, post-16 and adult settings. For the last 8 years he has led independent specialist colleges in London, preparing young people with SEN for adulthood by developing skills for independence and accessing the world of work Renato has worked with mainstream and SEN students in the UK, Brazil and Belgium. He holds a Bsc in Education, a Masters Degree in Inclusion and Special Education with commendation at Kingston University and a QTLS.

Tiny Bit

Erin Colleen Pedder

Erin Colleen Pedder is Intensive Learning Support Teacher. Her professional background in the field of Special Education has been spent in both the private and public sectors in the United States and in International schools within Europe. In supporting exceptional learners from grades pre-k to age 22 it is her core belief that all individuals can learn given the right support.

As we are ever having to evolve in a technological world, it is vital that students develop proficient digital literacy skills and executive functioning skills to help navigate today’s society.

“In working with the founders of this App, TinyBit offers individuals a more streamlined method for keeping all day-to-day life stuff more organized.”

– Erin Colleen Pedder

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